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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"What we really really want." The barriers to business - we want visibility and access.

The government says it wants to remove the barriers to business: an objective of the newly created LEPs ( Local Enterprise Partnerships ). Lubricating finance and the removal of red tape are tentative steps in the right direction. The Grand National in accessing the public sector is a race yet to be won.

What entrepreneurs do not want is to be deluged with advisors. We can work out things for ourselves as and when. Business Link made a life for itself offering consultations when they were not needed, and its replacement online helpdesk may be of equal marginal merit

To coin a phrase what “we really really want”, is visibility and access. We have forgotten that businesses thrive when there are markets. Trade fairs and exhibitions at the NEC, Olympia, Earl’s Court and the ICC come into this category. If business funding could be used to enable start-up firms to have access to these watering holes at subsidised rates, then any entrepreneur worthy of the name will make a success of the opportunity.

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  1. John, I couldn't agree more. Instead of Business Link and all the associated white elephants holding court at exhbitions, how nice it would be to see their traditionally large, public funded stand covered in micro-stands showing off the local business talent we have in the Midlands.

    The new intiative 'E4F' at the Science Park, makes me laugh - entrepreneurs are born, not created by coaching and advice. I suspect I am paying for all the 'free' help they get from our illustrious council too, which doesn't help my mood.

    You keep writing;I'll keep reading.


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