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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The tragic death of the journalist Marie Colvin in Homs may have a silver lining to it.

Journalism is under the cosh with Leverson and other enquiries. The work of this renowned foreign affairs reporter is a counterpoint to the shabby journalism that has been associated with the incestuous worlds of the tabloids, police and celebrities. The public is now reminded of the fine qualities and acceptable face of professional reporting.

Beyond that there is a bigger prize - the Middle East. Syria is in a log jam and as McCawber noted we are waiting for “something to turn up.”

The deaths of a French photo journalist and a high profile American reporter who was working for the British media brings the Syrian conflict into focus. They highlight the hands-off public position of China and Russia and the horrors of unbridled action by the Syrian government itself.

At a time when these parties may have been hoping for a world impotent to deal with this aspect of the Arab Spring, these deaths will have put the spotlight on them. The best tribute to these journalists is that this spotlighting is not wasted.

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