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Sunday, July 10, 2011

News International, News of the World and the rehabilitation of Vince Cable.

Few winners come out of the News International- News of the World spectacle. The sustained campaign of The Guardian and a couple of tenacious MPs - Chris Bryant and Tom Watson stand out.

Add to the list the Business Secretary: Vince Cable. He took a hammering last December over an unguarded private comment that he had "declared war on Murdoch."

Perhaps he was indiscrete but, instinctively, many amongst his peers and the public knew he was right. The political elite held its head in the sand and the boat was not to be rocked. He was removed from the decision over the BSkyB bid and his star waned.

As the Westminster Village, press and police sort out their new standards and relationships, perhaps more attention will now be given to those whose instincts in the past were to question what was going wrong. As the Cabinet meets around the table, colleagues may be looking at Cable with an element of envy.

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