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Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting the best from World Cup teams- communication at its best and worst.

So how did the Algerian manager prepare his players for the English match? He knew he had a tough game ahead. What was called for was not a trip to a safari park or more practice passes - something headier was needed. Yes, he showed his team the famous 1966 film "The Battle of Algiers." Admittedly, the enemy were the French and not us, but the call to arms was a force-multiplier which served its purpose- A George Patton factor!

Capello may not have the everyday language skills to give our team the fillip it needs so he must seek other motivational strategies. Even if you know the team is underperforming, Capello would be wise to hide his body language a bit - it only helps the opposition and confirms for your team what it already knows.

And finally, the Terry press interview and later failed attempt to "air" viewpoints at a meeting. The political and business worlds are littered with failed coups through misreading support or poor tactics. Such was the case here but Capello's moral authority is shot to pieces. To coin a phrase " he remains in office but not in power."

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